Men’s Club: Dana Point Development & OC Supervisor Speakers

Our Men’s Club has been privileged to have outstanding speakers. Many are community officials and leaders. Most are eager to speak to us because club members are informed, interested and some are community leaders themselves. I encourage men in the community to learn from and enjoy our speakers while enjoying a hot breakfast and socialization with … [Read more...]

**Men’s Club Maintenance List: Updated as of March 2017**

Below you can find the link to the Men's Club Maintenance List coordinated and put out by the Men's Club. NSCA does not endorse nor recommend services of any kind.  Men's Club Maintenance List - Updated as of March 2017     Courtesy of the Moe Torabi & the Men's Club … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: Architecture

The Men’s Club is starting our annual scholarship award process. Applications must be submitted no later than April 28, 2017 (See details below). On February 7, our guest speaker was Alan Hess, an architect and historian who has written nineteen books on modern architecture and urbanism in the mid-twentieth century. He gave a spellbinding … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: Connecting in the Digital Age

The Men’s Club started 2017 with our Club Secretary, Jerry Allen, investigating Carl Sagan’s famous prediction that there are more suns in the Universe than grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth. After a mind-boggling attempt to grasp the size of the universe, we concluded that the numbers of each are large, beyond comprehension (possibly … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: January 2017 Update

On December 6, our program was part of a twentyyear tradition in which the Blue Lantern Vocal Group from Dana Hills High School, led by Ray Woods, thrilled us with songs of the season. Our speakers on December 20 provided a very informative synopsis of the many issues associated with elder care. Mary Ellen Quinn, the owner of Eldercare Laguna … [Read more...]

Men’s Golf: January 2017

December is the month we look back at all the great tournaments and courses we have played. Over the last 12 months our group has nearly doubled. The Niguel Shores Men’s Golf group plays every Tuesday and we have had 20-24 players every week. We have a great rotation of course that are all 15-45 minutes from The Shores. This year we have played at … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: December 2016 News

This month the Men’s Club was treated to superb breakfasts, listened to a speaker who encouraged us to create a vision and reminisced about Gene Autry and the Los Angeles Angels. Our Nov 1 speaker was Rob Swineford, President of The R.D. Swineford Group, keynote speaker and corporate coach. Rob had an exciting message about vision for … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: November 2016 Update

This month the Men’s Club heard about the development of the Strands at the Headlands and celebrated a fun Fall Party. The Party featured Octoberfest Music, German beer, bratwurst cooked in beer, red cabbage, potato salad, apple crisp, and lots of dancing and laughter. Special thanks to all the helpers who planned, cooked, decorated, served and … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: October 2016 Update

At our September 6 meet, our guest speaker Jim Carol, a Niguel Shores resident who shared his family’s heart wrenching and uplifting story of their son, Taylor’s, successful battle with leukemia and the gift of charitable enterprise that grew out of this pain and suffering. In 2006, Taylor, age 11, was slightly injured playing baseball. During the … [Read more...]

Men’s Club: September 2016 Update

In August the Men’s club went to the horse races, played golf, had great breakfasts, reminisced about the Olympics, and considered the interaction of elections and investments. Jack Sweeney led our annual outing to the Del Mar race track and all reported good fun but few winnings. Our first speaker, Dick Sargent (yes, he is also the Men’s Club … [Read more...]