T&S Committee – Safety in Niguel Shores

We are half way through summer already and, for the most part, everything is going relatively smoothly. However, we should address a few house cleaning chores. Such as reminding all residents that admittance to the ClubHouse area and pool should be accomplished with a fob and resident present. Along that line, food and beverages are prohibited in the pool area. Special emphasis should be placed on glass containers as they pose a threat to everyone’s safety.

This past month several locked and unlocked cars were entered by car clouts and were either rifled and/or had property stolen. Several cars were hit on the evening of the Fourth of July. With one car alone, the thieves took two wallets containing money and credit cards. Soon thereafter, with these credit cards, the perpetrators bought pizza, gasoline and charged a movie. Hopefully our local deputies will be able to follow up on that information and arrest the thief. Several residents on Halyard have conducted a survey and determined that in the past two years thieves have hit at least forty-five parked cars in that general neighborhood. Apparently and unfortunately, most of these crimes were not reported to our staff or the police.

Several lessons can be learned from this. These matters should be reported as soon as possible so that appropriate community and police action may be taken to stop these crimes. Locking our cars discourages the opportunist from entering our vehicles and pilfering them and at the same time makes it a bit easier for the police to arrest the suspect. Finally, if we choose to leave items of value inside our unattended parked cars it might be wise to leave the car unlocked as the thief would be less likely to damage the vehicle getting in (yes, this was said tongue in cheek). Note: Action is being taken to ensure for extra security patrol during hours that these crimes are occurring.

The X-Games just concluded and much to everyone’s chagrin, Pat O’Brien did not win the Senior Skateboarding competition this year. As it turned out he did not even enter. It seems that he has been too busy with his job as our Board President to put in the necessary hours of practice at the local skate park. Anyhow skaters, just like all pros do, wear your safety gear. God Bless.

— Tim Murphy