Really Serious Book Club: Gene by Siddhartha Mukharjee

The Really Serious Book Club met at the home of Mary Crowl and digested the book Gene by Siddhartha
Mukharjee. This is a comprehensive history of the discovery and current research on genes. The extent of environmental influence on genetic inheritance was discussed as presented in the book. The review was an opportunity for the members with medical experience to help the rest of us understand the protocol and stages of genetic research and the implications of current genetic/ medical claims.
Next month, on the third Wednesday, we will again meet at the home of Mary Crowl and review the book, Who Lost Russia? This is a history of how each Presidential administration has attempted to cope with Russia and bring them closer to American policies. It is a well written
and fascinating review of American policies over the years
with inside information most of us have never had access
to before.
—Norton Schwartz

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