Women’s Golf: January News

The Niguel Shores lady golfers played on the morning of December 11 at The Ranch at Laguna, and the group of seven then “spruced up” and headed to their holiday luncheon for an afternoon of festivities! Golfers included Judy Boitano, who captained the day’s game, Pam Strayer, Val Mitchell, Irene McDonald, Catriona Sigsby, Julie Patton, and our newest golfer, Shelby. As we gathered at The Fountains in Dana Point to celebrate our Christmas party we were treated to a most glorious view of the ocean on a summer-like day! How fortunate we are to have such a spectacular location for this annual event!
President Marlene Lynch opened the occasion by recognizing and thanking Joanie Beyer and Ruthie Stahl for all their work in planning and organizing the luncheon. Joanie and Ruthie were greatly missed due to both having taken falls in the days preceding the party but they certainly were in our thoughts, and Lee Sweeney did a wonderful job of filling in for them. It was a special treat to see founding members Margaret Brugger and Carol Hollinger, as well as social members Chris Beaver, Ceacy Johns, Linda Ross, and many other current and former golfers. Previous members Marge Foster and Rita Cox were also able to join, and Marge was even a winner for one of the big raffle prizes!
Congratulations to all prize winners of the day!
If you were not at the luncheon but would like to sign up for the game on January 8, call Irene MacDonald at (949) 481-3035 to have your name added to the roster. All are welcome!
A little golf humor:
A wife asked her husband, “What is the purpose of reindeer?” His reply: “It makes the fairways grow and stay green, sweetie.”
—Julie Patton

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