The Really Serious Oreo Book Club: Dark Money by Janet Moyer

Mary Crowl hosted the Really Serious Book Club meeting on Wednesday, November 15. We discussed the revelations and machinations of the Koch brothers in American politics over the last twenty years as reviewed in Dark Money by Janet Mayor. The decline of American politics and politicians toward the alt-right and the role of the Koch brothers in this dark decline were chronicled. Their ethics of lying and deceit were cited issue by issue.
There will be no meeting in December, but we will meet again on the third Wednesday in January. The book to be discussed will be The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee. This is a fascinating and well-written study of the history of genetics starting with Mendel and moving to the present day. The scientific advances and the personalities of the scientists involved are both interesting and informative. The ethical issues we will confront are tangled and should make for lively discussion. If you would like to join our intellectual explorations, please contact me at
—Norton Schwartz

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