Traffic and Safety Committee: Citations-Uber/Lyft-Holiday Season

Citations—Ouch! — Just a few weeks ago a motorcycle deputy sheriff entered our community to monitor traffic.
Within a very brief period of time, he noticed several violations in the vicinity of Mariner Drive and Niguel Shores Road. He subsequently issued four citations for failing to stop at a stop sign. I know we have all seen similar violations, and maybe even were a bit lackadaisical and just passed through the intersection without coming to a full stop. We can all learn from this enforcement action as our driving habits can well jeopardize our safety and also prove to be costly ($400 plus, or traffic school and costs).
Uber and Lyft — Should you summon Uber or Lyft in lieu of a taxi, there is often confusion at the gate. The communication systems at these transportation services are such that they do not allow the drivers complete information and they may not know the name or actual address of the client. If you phone the gate ahead of time and let them know you are expecting this service, the attendant on duty can expedite the driver to your residence. Many other folks have found it easier to simply go to the gate and wait for their transportation there.
Holiday Season Begins — During this time of year we may sometimes experience prowlers rummaging through unlocked cars looking to steal anything of value. We can foil these thieves by not leaving any potential loot in our vehicles and locking them whenever we leave.
Guests and Passes — We can minimize any frustration of our arriving guests by ensuring our permanent guest list is current and our temporary guests are properly logged in.
The permanent guest list is limited to 5 names. Additional one-day passes for up to 9 guests may be issued if we submit a written or electronic list of names to the Mariner Gate officer. Should a function require 10 or more guests, the matter is considered a “Special Event” and is coordinated through the office. Under these circumstances, a written or electronic list, in alphabetical order by last names, must be submitted at least one business day before the event. Note: Events at a residence involving more than 20 vehicle entries may require special parking instructions.
Residents of the Villas and Sea Terrace II have been provided passes to distribute to their guests for their specific area of the community. Should these guests desire to drive to the main portion of the community, bluffs or community center, their resident host must phone the information to the Mariner Gate at (949) 487-4185.
One last thought: We are always responsible for our guests, and that includes ensuring that their guest passes are clearly displayed on the dash. This could save us the cost of their citations when no pass is visible.
—God Bless . . . Tim Murphy

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