Men’s Club: November 2017 News

The Men’s Club meets in the NS Clubhouse on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast is served promptly at 8 a.m. followed by an informative talk. Although golf may be a topic, it’s not the only topic, nor must you be an active golfer to participate. We welcome new members and encourage new residents to stop by. Applications are available at the Association office. Five teams rotate preparing and serving breakfast.
On October 3, ROSALIND RUSSELL inspired us with the story of her journey from a visit to Nepal in 1988, to a transformational mission through the earthquakes of 2015, to her continuing humanitarian efforts for the Nepalese today. An elegant, informed and dedicated speaker, Ms. Russell observed that in a stratified society, women were chattels at the bottom, loving and loved by the men while doing all the hard work. She achieved a measure of change by empowering women to make Gifts of Goats. Through Gifts of Goats the Nepalese women created wealth for them, enabling the women to create wealth for their men.
Ms. Russell leads a search for peace in the world through education of women, creating more teachers and building schools. In 2011 she published Reach to Peace, furthering her peacemaker efforts. Ms. Russell heads the Laguna-based R-Star Foundation devoted to women helping women, especially in Nepal, where she breaks through bureaucratic obstacles (and corruption) to make a difference for women, resulting in a difference for their society.
On October 17, continuing his superb record of presenting us with outstanding speakers, CW Gruenig introduced CRAIG CLARK, a local professional golfer who started playing the game at age eleven. Craig has successfully completed PGA business schools meeting the Class A PGA requirements and has been a successful golf instructor for the past thirty years throughout San Diego and Orange Counties.
He suggests that you strategize your game around the club butt, not the club head or shaft. Craig subscribes to the Ten Steps to a Perfect Golf Routine:
10. Set the club head down and take dead aim.
9. Set left foot at 90 degrees, 6 inches ahead of the ball.
8. Set right foot parallel to left, shoulder width from the right and behind the ball.
7. Hips back and sit down, simulating backing onto a chair.
6. Place left elbow halfway between left hip and belly button.
5. Place right hip halfway between right hip and belly button.
4. Bring right side over to meet left, placing right hand on top of the club.
3. Cock wrist by levering butt handle down; club head 1/2 inch off the ground.
2. Toss club up—swing is an arc.
1. Keep wrist fully cocked at all times.
Craig smoothly demonstrated graceful execution of the
above ten steps in a continuum of motion which, when mastered,
can reduce your game by a number of strokes. He had
the knuckles facing straight ahead and stressed tracking the
butt end of the club, which should arc a path of about 17
inches. He emphasized that you must achieve repeatability
of the same motion for a consistent game.
See you at our next breakfast on November 7.
—Robert F. Saint-Aubin