Traffic and Safety Committee: Sheriff in the Community

I assume by now a lot of us have seen the uniformed deputy sheriff that has been assigned, along with other collateral responsibilities, to focus on our community. He will provide visible patrol and take appropriate enforcement action. I suspect the first offenses he will notice are the folks that don’t completely stop for stop signs. However, another easy one will be the unlicensed and underaged children operating golf carts (NEV’S). An unlicensed juvenile driver is subject to have his/her vehicle impounded for up to 30 days and receive a citation that could possibly jeopardize their ability eventually get a driver’s license in a timely manner.
A quick reminder to tell your July Fourth guests: This is the one day of the year that only resident vehicles can be parked at the Bluff.
A New Responsibility:
Owners are responsible for citations and fines accumulated by guests. This is a good incentive to explain our rules to our visitors.
Backup at Mariner Gate:
Construction workers are not allowed admission to our community until 7:30 a.m. The workers, anxious to begin, start lining up just before that time, and there is a bit of a traffic jam. Most of the time this is very manageable and not many folks are significantly inconvenienced.
However, through the years it has been noted that there is a definite correlation between the number of projects in the neighborhood and the size of the 7:30 rush. Recently the number of construction projects in our community has spiked, and so has the backup. Presently, we have 17 projects going, and we have 7 more about ready to go. This new construction is healthy for all of us, but we might expect a bit more delay during the early rush hour and again near noon time. Our staff and securitas personnel will be carefully monitoring the situation. In the meantime, we encourage residents to be patient with the situation and be a bit proactive by using another gate, or starting a little earlier or leaving later.
Pets and Fireworks
Depending on our vantage point in the Shores we have as many as eight official and legal fireworks displays visible starting at 9:00 p.m. on July Fourth. Most folks appreciate and enjoy the spectacular displays. Unfortunately, it is terrifying for some of our pets. A quick reminder to secure and, where appropriate, sedate your pet.
—God Bless . . . Tim Murphy

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