Traffic & Safety Committee: NEVs and Golf Carts

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and Golf Carts With the warm weather upon us, a lot of folks will be cleaning and charging their Golf Carts or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles to transport friends and family to the beach, pool, or neighbors’ homes within the community.
Note: Technically, all vehicles operating in the Shores are considered Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs. The legal restrictions on carts used for golf are slightly different. To minimize any confusion while using these vehicles in our community, we have a few reminders: All NEVs and/or Golf Carts have to be registered with the office and should bear a registration decal. An extra benefit of this is that it allows the vehicle to park in the Resident Only parking lot at the Bluff. The driver of any vehicle must have a driver’s license, and is responsible for the safety of all passengers. All rules of the vehicle code apply to safe operation of these vehicles.
It happens every year that children somehow wind up driving these vehicles, sometimes even without adult supervision.
This simply is not safe and could have very negative consequences both here and with the DMV.
Emergency Vehicles
The Orange County Fire Authority and the Dana Point Municipal Code mandate that parking is not allowed on cul-de-sac streets and one-way-streets that are less than 28 feet in width. The reason is that such parking restricts emergency vehicle access and/or reduces the ability to respond to a critical situation promptly.
Almost everyone residing on these narrow streets will appreciate this mandate and park in garages or designated parking stalls only. Unfortunately, guests sometimes park curbside on these streets, unaware of the consequences of doing this. Sometimes the host may forget to remind guests to park elsewhere, so the guest winds up receiving a citation.
We all should be aware that curbside parking on a relatively narrow street (28 feet or less) can likely impede the movement of an emergency vehicle and we should look for alternative parking. We are not asking folks to carry a measuring tape, but to utilize good judgement.
Parking Fines
Recently there was some apparent confusion about fines for parking violations. Should anyone wish to know further, please contact the office and they will be glad to explain the written policy. Basically, violators must pay fines after the fourth violation in a calendar year. Even after that, the fines for repeated violators are relatively nominal but imposed as a deterrent.
—God Bless . . . Tim Murphy

A Reminder to Teen Drivers:
Auto Club statistics show summer as the most dangerous time for youthful drivers, with an average
of ten people a day across the U.S. being critically injured in a crash involving a teen driver—often a teen distracted by texting, phoning, or taking eyes off the road responding to passengers in the car. Always practice safe driving skills. Be safe this summer!

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