Maintenance Committee – Activity Update

There are many maintenance projects in process or under investigation. The Committee is investigating, at the request of the Board of Directors, installing a similar street sign made of high-density polyethylene. It will have the appearance of wood and produced at a much lower cost. A light will be attached. Speaking of street signs, there was another act of vandalism on Port-O-Call No Parking signs. The metal post was broken off from one sign and a second sign was pulled out of the ground. Repairs have been made but this senseless act means extra cost for our Association. Another act of vandalism occurred on Mercator Isle when chalk graffiti was discovered and subsequently removed by pressure washing.
Please report any such act that you observe. Repairs were recently made on the Cabrillo Isle Pedestrian Gate that would not close, on the malfunctioning Club House Ice Machine, and on a potable water leak at the Beach Bluff.
Ongoing jobs and investigations involve replacing the outside granite counters by the kitchen and office windows, determining the cause of the water drainage from Montego Bay, and installing a new flag pole by the Gatehouse.
Phase one of the Coach Light Project has been completed and phase two, which will install the new energy efficient lights into the entrances to the Garden Homes, will be started as soon as the new fixtures are delivered.
Another completed project, which will result in significant savings, was the replacement of two light fixtures on Seaward Isle/Cabrillo Overhead street lights with LED light fixtures. The wattage with these new fixtures was reduced from 150 watt metal halide to 38 watts LED.
—Karl Kuhn

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