Traffic & Safety Committee: Summer Season

We are just a week or so into the summer season and history has taught us that in just a short while there will be sharp increase in the number of guests visiting our community.
To minimize the anticipated backup of visitor cars at the front gate, and of course the corresponding frustrations, a few modifications of procedure have been made.
Consequently, we are reminding you of existing practices that should help the prompt flow of traffic through the Mariner Gate.
Ensure that your visitor is currently on the guest list. Hopefully, we have advance notice of the guest’s arrival and we can update our guest list via the Internet well ahead of time. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes as long as 30 minutes for the information to record. As a next-to-last resort, a telephone call to the gate may work providing that the security officer on duty is not tied up with traffic and can answer the phone. Some folks have found themselves in a last minute bind, and hand delivered guest information to the gate.
Security personnel assigned to the gate have allowed folks purporting to be a guest, but not on a guest list, the opportunity to make a courtesy call to the alleged resident host. This has at times resolved issues and on some occasions caused the frustration level to escalate. It has also had the effect of compounding the back up at the gate and the anxiety of other visitors to escalate. Consequently, nonlisted guests will be turned away, and instructed to contact the prospective host, while off the premises, in order to resolve the issues with the gate.
Uber and Taxi Drivers:
Because of their computerized systems Uber and taxi drivers have inexact information when arriving at our Mariner Gate. Consequently, it is important for those folks using their service to place them on their guest lists or contact the gate to give them a heads up.
Golf Carts or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: According the California Vehicle Code almost all of the cart type vehicles we see in our community are not Golf Carts but are instead Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). There are some differences especially regarding capacity and maximum speed. Even among some experienced law enforcement personnel there is disagreement regarding some restrictions while operating these devices.
However, one rule that is very clear is that to operate one of either of these devices in our community the driver must possess valid Driver’s license. God Bless………
—Tim Murphy