Men’s Club: June 2016 Update

Unfortunately, our first Men’s Club meeting on Tuesday, June 7 was trumped by the Primary election. On June 21, our Scholarship Chairman, Bob Borland, announced this year’s winners of $1,000 each: Patricia Schuelke and Chase Aplin. Both winners are graduating seniors from Dana Hills High School; Patricia is a Niguel Shores resident and will attend De Paul University in their music program. Chase will attend UC Berkeley in the engineering program.
Our speaker, Bill Copple, was introduced byhis friend and coach, Tom Fallon, as an amazing
inspiration to all who have faced challenges or will undergo difficulties. Then Bill took the stage and shared his story with us. The story began 22 years ago when he was 19 years old and an avid motorcyclist.
After a devastating accident, he was found nearly a quarter of a mile downhill from his motorcycle and had suffered many broken bones and a cerebral hemorrhage. Survival was unlikely and walking again was not considered possible. Bill had always rebelled when told You can’t do that.
In order to cope with his new life, he started setting goals. These were first to walk, then to become mobile by riding a bicycle. In addition to physical exercise, he started the mental challenge of writing a book that told his story titled, You Can’t Do That, Again. He rode in marathon bicycle events to help charities for the disabled, learned to SCUBA dive, and fly an airplane. Then camea second accident on a bicycle and a second cerebral hemorrhage, which sent him backward. At 38, Bill says he thought,
I’m beginning to dread these accidents every 19 years but his mantra had always been Do Not Quit! Bill is walking again and is now facing the difficult challenge of public speaking and being an example of grit and perseverance. His next major goal is skydiving, and few of us doubt that he will get there. Out next major event is the Fourth of July Breakfast! There will be no meeting on July 5 since we will all be cleaning up after the July 4 events. Next Men’s Club Meeting is July 19, 2016.
—Jerry Allen