Women’s Golf: June 2016 Update

Monday, May 11 dawned cloudy and damp, but the sun soon joined us. We saw no deer again. Where have they gone? Only two teams played the game of the day given to us by Captains Judy Boitano and India Rouse. It was designated drive, then regular play and individual scores. The game honored Mothers’ Day. A flower would be awarded for each one putt, chip in or birdie. Mothers or not, we were each given a bright orange ball which read Hope. With golf there is plenty of hoping such as I hope it goes over the water, or I hope the putt goes in the hole.
Tied for most flowers with 4 . . . Terri Matrisch & Liz Kelsch
Low Gross. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Judy Boitano & Judy Jones
Low Net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Terri Matrisch
Closest to the pin on #6. . . . . . . Judy Boitano
Social members joining us for lunch were Chris Beaver, Ruthie Stahl, Joan Beyer, and Ceacy Johns. Joan reminded us that the Memorial Tournament will by July 13. The luncheon fee for the Fountain’s luncheon is $25. and should be a check made out to Lee Sweeney.
Next FunDay is Monday, June 8. Captains are Irene McDonald (481-3035) and Kathy Aldrian (429-2277). Please call one of them to play or to cancel.
A golf fun tale: Jesus and Moses golfed one day. Jesus hit a ball into the water. He walked on the water to it and hit it from there. Moses also hit into the water, which parted. He walked to the ball and hit it. The rest of us, having no such help keep trying the hope balls.
—Liz Kelsch 661-5802

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