Coyote & Rattlesnake Warning

***Please be aware there have been coyote sightings recently in the neighborhood so be sure to restrain your pets! If you do see a coyote roaming the neighborhood you may call Animal Control at (949) 492-1617 or go to to report the activity.  A small dog was recently reported to have been attacked in the area.

“Although the beauty of our wildlife is a wonderful thing, sometimes problems do occur. To help keep wildlife problems to a minimum we ask you to keep all sources of food out of the yard. Keep trash lids secure. You can also use rags soaked in ammonia, mothballs or cayenne pepper around the yard.

For more tips on wildlife you can visit the California Fish and Game website for more information.

For More Information Please visit the following websites:  | “1 |



Rattlesnake in DP

Niguel Shores Residents have recently reported seeing rattlesnakes on some of the hiking trails in Dana Point. Please keep alert and be on the look out when hiking. Local Animal Control is the appropriate place to report concerns.