Men’s Club: January 2016 Update

This past month the Niguel Shores Men’s Club learned about home security technology and Dana Point development challenges.
In November, our guest speaker, Harmony Shawishian, a home security systems consultant with Cox Communications, gave us an informative presentation on home security and some of the advantages of modern security systems. Her theme focused on the key features of Protection, Monitoring, and Controlling that are in the technologically advanced systems. Protection features include sensors on doors and windows, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, even sensors to tell if there is a water leak (not sure if it works for the dog).
Monitoring features allow for alarm monitoring and notifications to you and/or the local authorities if needed.
Cameras are available to monitor outside areas and inside your home. Of course, there is a cellphone app that allows you to see the camera files while you are away from home.
The Control features are a significant advancement and a very rapidly evolving area in today’s security systems.
Door locks are available that are remotely controlled from your cell phone. Wirelessly controlled thermostats allow one to be sure that the kitty is not chilly or too warm while you are away. Smart electrical wall plugs allow you to remotely control lights and small appliances. (I thought that Nirvana was a TV remote control—now I can change channels, lock the door, turn off the lights, run the blender, and turn up the heat without getting out of my chair!)
Because these systems are wireless (the general term wireless means that the sensors and other components communicate with each other using radio frequency digital signals), we do not have to resort to drilling and running wires in the walls.
One disadvantage of these conveniences is that you will see an increase in your monthly bills; however, your homeowner’s insurance bill may be slightly reduced.
On Dec 1, Joe Muller, our City Council member, spoke on the Dana Point Development Progress. Joe introduced us to the key and most contentious issues facing the council, starting with the Lantern District renovation and the ballot initiative to change/restrict those renovations.
In short, the current Town Center (TC) Plan zoned the entire area as mixed-use and incorporates a series of policies, development standards and design guidelines to guide the transformation of the area by adding residential uses and increasing pedestrian-oriented retail and commercial offices. On September 15, 2015, a petition titled, The 2015 Town Center Initiative (the Initiative) was submitted and intends to change/restrict various aspects of the work of the Town Center Subcommittee by
amending the TC Plan via a ballot process. In an attempt to be neutral in this discussion, I strongly recommend that you read the following Dana Point Council Report:
It is important to note that key areas of disagreement are building height and parking spaces. This report contains copies of the TC Plan, the Initiative proposed changes / restrictions, and an analysis of the economic impact.
Joe also gave us a heads up on five other areas that are
important to understand:
■■ Headlands Lawsuit (interplay between the Coastal Commission and the City of Dana Point concerning gates on the Strand access paths)
■■ Doheny Village Plan
■■ Harbor Renovation (Orange County is leading this planning)
■■ Zephyr Project (Zephyr Partners purchased approximately 9 acres of property on the northeast corner Pacific Coast Highway and Del Obispo Street and are developing the property. The project is entitled for 168 “Luxury Townhome Unit” condominiums.)
■■ Dana Point Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) Project Clearly, there is more to learn concerning these issues, and a good starting point is to see the City Council Meeting minutes and the agendas on the following web site;
Thanks to Joe Muller and to all who engaged in these discussions, which strongly support our efforts to listen, learn, and address important issues.
A Twenty year tradition continued on December 15 at Niguel Shores. Dana Hills High School Teacher Ray Woods lead 14 members of the Blue Lantern Vocal Group from Dana Hills (including Niguel Shores resident Patricia Schuelke) with thrilling Christmas songs.
Reminder: For those who have avoided Treasurer Al Glatt so far, your 2016 dues will be graciously accepted at our next meeting.
Upcoming events:
Jan. 5: Luna Ursella Reynoso—History of the Area, emphasizing Dana Point
Jan. 19: Robert Ming—Development of Orange County
—Jerry Allen