Garden Club: January 2016 Update

We have all enjoyed another enjoyable and informational year at the Garden Club. For those who are not members, you are missing out on a lot of camaraderie and joyful fellowship, very representative of the larger Niguel Shores community.
Both the women and men’s club organize a holiday party for members and their spouses. It has become a tradition for the Dana Hills High School choir to perform in front of our groups. It is heart warming to see such beautiful young women and men devote time to the arts.
We had a wonderful gathering of the garden club on December 21, fifty one members in attendance! There was a lavish spread of food to satisfy the members’ fancy.
Our first meeting of the New Year will be on Monday, January 18. Francine Stout and Jerry Koppang will conduct a workshop on how you can make use of things that may be lying around in your garage, to decorate your home with Tyslandia, also known as air plants. They do not need watering.
And finally, what happened to the man who shoplifted a calendar at Christmas? He got twelve months!
—Laks Sehgal

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