Traffic & Safety: Lock your Car

We keep getting reports that potential thieves are opening unlocked vehicles parked throughout the community, ransacking them, and then taking items of value. The lesson is, LOCK your Car. Then, if by chance you forget and fall victim to one of these thieves, call the Dana Point Sheriff’s Office and report the theft to them. If a neighbor tells you that they happened to fall victim to one of these thieves, encourage them to also report the incident to the deputies that serve our area. This report to the proper authorities will ensure that our community receives its proper share of police resources.
During the summer months, a lot of folks became frustrated about the limit (20 attendees) imposed on the size of a party or picnic hosted at the bluffs. With the limited space available at this spot, it seems reasonable. However, some wise folks have found that there is no limit on the size of the same parties and picnics when they are hosted in our park or in the patio area of the community center. Just a thought. God Bless.
—Tim Murphy

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