Seashore News: 500th Issue!

You may not believe this but this issue of the Seashore News (SSN) has now reached a significant journalistic milestone.
Of course all former issues were in themselves a journalistic milestone in that they have been recognized for their excellence in the quality of their reporting. That recognition can be attributed to the dedication to quality and diligence that all prior editors have taken to give our community an outstanding newsletter.
So what milestone am I talking about? This issue will be the five hundredth (that is 500th) issued. Look on the right side of the heading on the front cover and notice that I’m not pulling your leg.
You may have remembered that on the cover of the April 2013 issue of the SSN we mentioned the SSN was celebrating a 40th Anniversary. There even was a replica of the first issue of April 1973. Many enhancements have been made to the newsletter since that first issue such as color pages, commercial advertising (many ads from members of our own community, that offset some of the cost to produce this newsletter), making the monthly event calendar and list of officers, staff and committee chairs an insert to be removed for ease of posting on the refrigerator, and many other changes. The newsletter has also changed with the times as our community demographics have changed.
Now that I have your attention I want to see if I may have tweaked your interest in possibly joining the Communication Committee and write for it. We have writers on the committee who have contributed many years of service to this newsletter.
We would like to invite you to join us. It doesn’t require a lot of time each month, many 4-5 hours. Please join and get a thrill in seeing your name in print.
—Karl Kuhn