Traffic & Safety Committee: GPS, Guest Lists, Crime, Call the Police…

Traffic wise, the busiest time of the year is now starting. A lot of folks will be visiting us and we, as good hosts, hope they can enjoy the positive atmosphere of our community.

We have a few hints to insure everybody gets off to a good start. For first time visitors, personally tell them how to get here and don’t let them rely on the GPS. It will send them to the wrong gate in many situations.

Next, ensure that your Guest List is current and includes service people as well as friends. Along this line, mistakes are made and some potential visitors are not on our current lists. Security personnel, instead of coldly turning them away, will attempt to contact the concerned resident and square up the matter. Unfortunately, we have recently found that some residents have changed their phone numbers and can’t be contacted. The result being at least several frustrated people are turned away. One of the lessons here is ensure the office is notified whenever we change our phone numbers so that you can be contacted in any exigent situation. At the same time it is a good idea to give your most current e-mail address to the office so that you may be notified of information of community concern or developments.
Finally, make sure your guests clearly place their guest pass on the dash. Should they fail to do so their car may be subject to being towed away.

Crime in Our Community
There have been relatively few crimes reported in our community so far this year. With no pattern at all, the culprits appear to be opportunists. Of the reported crimes, one car was taken from a driveway, someone stole a speaker from an unattended golf cart, and a bicycle was stolen from a garage.

Don’t be Your Own Party Pooper
We have to remind ourselves when planning to host a party of any sort, and expect a good number of folks from outside Niguel Shores to attend, to get a list of guests into the office at least three business days before the event. As you might imagine the fun can be dampened when good friends can’t be admitted to the community because someone forgot to include them on the Guest List. It happens.

Call the Police To report crimes or report a party that is out of hand call the police department. Our security personnel are not supposed to perform this sort of service.

Tailgaters: As usual we have too many frustrated guests who follow their GPS attempt to enter our community via the
Selva and Cabrillo gates. They don’t call and eventually try to
get in by tailgating the car in front of them. As often as not, they
wind up with two or more flattened tires. Please let your guests
and new service providers know to enter via the Mariner gate.

One Good Person
The Traffic and Safety Committee presently has a vacancy. If you think you would like to serve your community on this committee please contact the office and fill out an application. All good people are encouraged to apply.

—Tim Murphy

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