Men’s Club: June Meeting

On May 5 the Men’s Club had invited the 6 candidates running for the Niguel Shores Board of Directors to present their vision of the future of Niguel Shores. The candidates also fielded questions from the club members.
Then, on May 19, the club had a very interesting speaker, Manny Pacheco who gave an outstanding talk about the Forgotten Hollywood. Manny, a previous character actor and now radio personality and author, told many stories of the lesser-known actors, at least by today’s younger generation.
One interesting fact that he asked us, who was the highest payed actor in Hollywood in the ‘30s and 40’s?….. No one got the right answer: Lassie.
The next Men’s Club meeting is June 2. Please plan to attend because our club will be presenting $1000 scholarship to three high school seniors that were selected as recipients. Our club will honor these students and their family on this day and we should all show our appreciation and recognition for all their hard work. Following are the recipients and note that two of the scholarshipees live in Niguel Shores:
1. Michelle Krogius
Dana Hills High School
Dana Point Resident
2. Amanda Meredith
Dana Hills High School
Niguel Shores Resident
3. Gannon Breslin
JSerra High School
Niguel Shores Resident
Following the giving out the scholarships the meeting will continue with a talk by the son of Sugar Ray Leonard, the former middleweight boxing champion.
Should be very interesting.
On June 16 one of our own Niguel Shore residents, Jerry Allen will speak about the U.S. Government and corporation’s activities to deflect foreign and domestic hacker’s efforts to disrupt or harm American web sites and facilities. He will also speak about protection for individual citizens.
—Karl Kuhn

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