Maintenance Committee – New Clock

A New Clock for our Community Center Patio was required. George Cooley, Facilities Manger, explaining that our clock above the fireplace on the patio (next to the pool) had failed, was beyond repair and a new clock purchase was required. For those of you who use the pool, you know how important that clock is! George’s plan was to find a few options, get together with Marla and me, and we would collectively agree on the purchase. As a Maintenance Committee member I decided to help George find one. I think volunteerism is very important to our community and George will gladly accept any help that is offered. How hard can it be to find an oversized outdoor clock…easy, right? Thus began an odyssey through a myriad of web sites and countless emails back and forth between George and me. This went on for days. We both spent immeasurable hours on this project and continued to come up with no viable candidates.

We were told the original clock was now discontinued  item so that option was quickly taken off the table. Every selection we found was either the wrong size or not for outdoor use. We finally chose one that seemed to fit our criteria, but then upon further research, we discovered it had terrible reviews….back to the drawing board! Oh, I forgot to mention that cost was all over the place. We saw clocks ranging in price from $69 to $500.

Long story short…we FINALLY chose one! It is slightly smaller than the original one, but rated for outdoor use and with good reviews. The cost is $105, which was attractive compared to all we had seen. I just hope it lasts a long time…don’t want to go through this again!

—Suzanne Enis


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