Garden Club – Great Park Farm and Food Lab


The Garden Club management team, with Jerry Koppang at the helm, has another exciting year planned for you. I will not give out the details for the full year, so you will continue to read this column!

Our first meeting of the year is a field trip to the Great Park Farm and Food Lab in Irvine. They provide a variety of educational programs on gardening and help set up community farming. Tom Larson, the manager will give us a tour of the facility and educate us on all their activities. We will be carpooling. Meet in front of the ClubHouse at 10:00 a.m. Here are the directions: Take 5 North. Exit Sand Canyon.  Go Right and take the first right (Military Way). Go about 4 blocks and turn left past the balloon.

Our annual Lobster Fest will be held on October 30. Mark that date.

An alternate to a regular garden, is to create one with pots. This allows you to rearrange them as and when you wish. All pots large or small need some preparation. This will extend the life of your plants. Also keep in mind the weight of the pots to make moving them easier, if need be. The first thing to check is the drainage holes at the bottom, to ensure proper water drainage.

Next is the choice of the right potting mix. One to consider is the loam based or soil based potting mix. These are available in different recipes and strengths. This soil retains water and nutrients well.

Watering can be set up as a drip or planters are available with water reservoirs attached to the bottom. These would need to be refilled once a month. Or you can do it the old fashion way, a watering can. This will allow you to spend one on one time them with your plants and marvel at how well they are growing. TLC never hurts a plant!

And finally, you must have dealt with spiders during the summer, but what do you call recently married spiders?  Newly webs!

Lakshman Sehgal

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