Maintenance Committee – Preparation for the Fourth

Niguel Shores experienced another fabulous July 4th celebration and our entire community was at its pristine best. Once again, it could not have been so successful had it not been for our hard-working maintenance staff. A lot of tasks were executed days prior to the event and consisted of:

1. Pressure washing the Beach Bluff sidewalk to remove stains/gum, etc. (all except for a small section near the first row parking lot due to cars being in the way of the water spray.)

2. Pressure washing the upper pool deck area and our entrance to remove food stains/gum all the way to the flagpoles.

3. Purchasing and installing red/white and blue basketball nets.

4. Purchasing a new flag and raising it for a couple of hours to allow the wind to remove the wrinkles.

5. Checking the outside electrical outlet to make sure it was working for the PA system.

6. Testing the PA system. During the hookup, the unit smoked and ceased working. A backup rental was quickly procured for use that day.

7. Cleaning the glass along the pool deck.

8. Cleaning the small BBQ, the large BBQ and the utensils for the BBQ.

9. Cleaning and waxing the dolphin statue.

10. Cleaning the ClubHouse windows.

11. Checking the inflation of the basketballs and the volleyballs.

12. Replacing the batteries in the megaphone.

13. Changing the Beach Bluff gate to lock up at 10:35 p.m. instead of the normal 10:05 p.m. time.

14. Checking the kitchen for paper towels, scrub sponges, soap, etc.

15. Checking and cleaning the ice chests.

16. Purchasing water and Gatorade for the Beach Bluff gate attendants, and providing ice and a cooler.

17. Power washing the Rubbermaid trashcans that were placed at the Beach Bluff.

18. Blocking off the parking lot at the ClubHouse at closing time the night before.

19. Setting up the ClubHouse for the Men’s Club breakfast.

The day of:

1. Blocked off Niguel Shores Drive from Atlantic to the Mariner gate.

2. Brought out the storage bins containing all the park game supplies.

3. Had the megaphone and first aid kit ready for use.

4. Set up the music system and speakers with microphone by the flagpoles.

5. Had the flags ready for the flag raising ceremony.

6. Erected “popups” at the park for the tattoo and balloon artists.

7. Also erected a “popup” at the Bluff for the Sand Castle Registration.

As I continue to reiterate, we are very fortunate to have George, Dave, Dennis, Tom and Ray as our employees.

They are always accommodating and add much to our incredibly fabulous environment here in Niguel Shores.

—Suzanne Enis