Page Turners – The Cellist from Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

Page Turners Book Club will meet this month to discuss the book, The Cellist from Sarajevo — Steven Galloway. The story takes place in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it was besieged from April 5, 1992 to February 29, 1996. In this city, a defiant musician decides to play his cello at the site of a mortar attack for twenty-two days, in memory of his fallen friends and neighbors. Drawn into the orbit of his music are three strangers, each living like fugitives in their homeland: a bakery worker, a young father, and finally, a woman, a sniper-who holds the fate of the cellist in her hands. The book follows their lives and shows how war can change one’s definition of humanity and how music affects our emotional endurance.

The Monday groups will meet on May 19 and the Thursday afternoon group will meet on May 22. Please note: the groups are meeting a week earlier than usual, due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Members will receive information regarding their locations from the coordinators. For more information about Page Turners contact: Phyllis Tezer:, 496-4710 -Monday morning. Diane Hearne: 661-6267- Monday afternoon. Lisa Buchner: 496-9546-Thursday afternoon.

—Lisa Buchner


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