Maintenance Committee – Mailbox Post Repairs

Our Maintenance staff has to wear many hats, addressing and completing many different tasks, and each and everyone has talents in divergent areas.

Mailboxes: All the homes in Niguel Shores behind the gates on the north side of Selva have mail slots in their garage doors or an attached mailbox. The homes located in Sea Terrace II and in the Villas, behind the gates of Manta Court and Garibaldi on the south side of Selva have free standing mailboxes. These mailboxes rest on wooden structures that deteriorate with time and thus necessitate repair. Last month mailboxes at three different locations in the Villas required immediate attention and repair. The posts were literally falling over to the touch with wood rot and termite infestation. Our maintenance staff staked metal rods into the ground and secured them to the mailbox posts for temporary stability and, in one case, had to remove and replace the concrete base.

The next step: construct and paint new posts. These are not just “plop” a mailbox on a piece of wood posts. They include the use of multiple cross cuts of wood pieces and labor intensive woodwork. (See attached photos) Thank you Tom Shimkus! His attention to detail work on this project is exemplary.

—Suzanne Enis


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