Garden Club – Bluff BBQ June 16, 2014 at 12:00

The Garden Club held its annual plant sale on Saturday, May 11. Thanks to all the members for donating plants and other helpful garden accessories for the sale. Thanks also to members who spent their time on Friday organizing the ClubHouse for the sale. Last but not the least, thanks to the members for bringing some delicious snacks/desserts, my favorite being the lemon cheese cake, made healthy by placing blueberries on top! The efforts were well rewarded with sales exceeding last year’s. Part of the money collected will be donated towards a scholarship in horticulture at Saddleback College. (See page 15 for Plant Sale photos.)

The Garden Club will celebrate the end of another eventful year with a barbecue party on the bluff, on Monday, June 16, at noon.

June should be an easy going month in our neighborhood. Your spring labors, if you followed the newsletter recommendations should be paying off!

Some tips:

1. Keep up the watering chores. Soak containers well. If you cannot keep up, move them, along with you, to a shady spot!

2. Drought tolerant plants, that we see more of around us, will need infrequent watering, from now until the rainy season that is being promised this winter.

3. Inspect your irrigation system.

4. There is still time to plant vegetables such as sweet corn, cucumbers, green beans, peppers and New Zealand spinach and, of course, herbs.

And finally: Why was the tomato blushing? Because it saw the salad dressing!

—Lakshman Sehgal

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