Emergency Preparedness Committee – Spring Safety

A “Potpourri” of things to do in your family: How many of you would be interested in participating in a CPR & AED class if we could arrange for it to be held in the Niguel Shores ClubHouse. A nominal fee of around $25 would probably be charged and the class would be taught by a Certified Instructor. The time frame would be between 3-4 hours. Send me an E-Mail at k.wellbrock@cox.net and we will compile a list of those interested to determine moving forward.

As Spring is upon us, be aware of swarms and nests of bees on your streets as you walk and children play. They can set up shop in sprinkler boxes on hillsides and other receptacles along our streets and swarm at will. If you see them, stay clear and report them to the NS office.

Even though daylight hours will continue to lengthen into the fall, if you walk, ride a bike, or play in the streets of our community, please watch out for cars and alert them by wearing a blinking light or carrying a flashlight beginning at twilight. How many times have you encountered someone in the street at the last moment that you didn’t see until that last moment?

Burst pipe!!! Do you have a master shutoff for your water supply? Make sure you know where it is in the event of a broken pipe, and then turn on the lowest faucet in the house to drain out of the faucet instead of through the leaking pipe. And, if the leak causes a puddle or a flooding situation, make sure you turn off the electricity if any wires are exposed to the water before you start the cleanup. When you call the plumber for repairs make sure he shows you where the shutoff is or install one that’s in a quick and convenient spot for easy access.

On my routine waIks, I like to make it a habit of picking up neighbor’s newspapers on their driveways if they’ve forgotten to cancel them while on vacation or just away for the weekend. They can be a sure sign that no one is home. I’ll bet your neighbor won’t complain if you just put them in a corner out of sight on their front entry.

If you haven’t already stopped using your furnace for the season (Hey, it’s Springtime ) but soon will, it might be a good idea to have your furnace checked out before it’s needed next season. Many companies have off season specials for tune ups that will prepare you in advance for next season. Gas valves, dirty filters, inaccurate thermostats, fan motors, etc. are worth a look see.

But, also beware of scams that try to sell you something you don’t need. Call a trusted heating contractor. While you’re at it, have your water heater checked out too. Hey, this list can go on forever. Make sure your house and family member are prepared for any issues by making routine checks of house, car, and all issues that can impact your family.

And, please, if you have tips/suggestions/personal experiences, post them on the Niguel Shores website so all of us can benefit.

—Kent Wellbrock


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