Traffic and Safety – Reported Crimes & Civility

Reported Crimes: For quite a while now we have had no real crime picture or pattern in our community. Yes, on occasion something is stolen from an unlocked car, but other than that, there is nothing to lead us to believe that we are being preyed upon by any professional thieves or vandals.

However, having said that, last month a car was reported stolen from our community. This is the first time in recent years that such an incident has occurred. The good news is that, just a few days after this reported theft, our alert Post Security Commander was on his way home and spotted it parked at the curb on Stonehill. He notified the Sheriff’s Department and the car was officially recovered.

Along this line, please do everyone in our community a favor should you fall victim to even the smallest theft. Report it to the Dana Point Sheriff. The prime reason is that police deploy their resources based on crime pictures and, consequently, it should ensure that we get the best possible share of police attention to combat issues that may arise.

Civility: Through elected representatives the homeowners in Niguel Shores have enacted rules and regulations to ensure that our community is run as an efficient and pleasant manner as possible. To ensure that these rules are carried out we have hired staff to manage our operation and security personnel to assist them. The management and security personnel do not make the rules, but are directed to enforce them.

At times staff and security have to inform both residents and guests about restrictions that the community, through its rules, has placed on their desired activities. Most people take the negative news in stride and modify their plans, or work with staff to seek alternatives. Unfortunately, some folks take the news as a personal affront, lose their composure, and berate our employees. Sadly, this is occurring more frequently. Residents account for a good number of these incidents but, more often than not, the culprit is a guest. Along that line we all have to remember that we are responsible for our guest’s conduct and realize that their behavior reflects on us. Most importantly, blowing up at or trying to bully the messenger of bad tidings serves no positive purpose. Once a person loses their composure they are not thinking as clearly, and certainly can’t communicate as effectively. In addition to failing to accomplish their goal, after a period of time the individual will realize how foolish they appeared. God bless.

—Tim Murphy

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