Maintenance Committee – Lighting and SDG&E

Our Maintenance staff continues to address and solve our Niguel Shores infrastructure problems.

Most recently solved problem: A mushroom light on Windjammer, near Lateen, has been a long standing problem and has not been working for months. The wire to the light reads 120v, but when a load was placed on the wire, meaning the light goes on, the voltage dropped. So SDG&E was called out to disconnect the service wire from their power station. A complicated and time consuming search for a reason for the problem then ensued. Our maintenance staff used our diagnostic tools to trace and locate the problem. As a result of their perseverance, a cut wire during the installation of a new sprinkler and a poorly repaired old splice from an old irrigation valve repair was discovered. In the process of removing the plastic box around the valve, the valve box broke.

So what is left to do? Reconnect and fix the broken wires and bad splices with a special insulated in-line connector/direct burial and submersible splice, replace the broken valve box and then contact SDG&E to reconnect the power supply. As it turns out, the special splices were not available at the last purchased location, so George had to order what was needed online and wait for delivery. It is still not fixed, but at least now there is a resolution to an issue on the ever enlarging and ongoing “to do” list.Hopefully by the time you read this, the mushroom light will be shining brightly again.

—Suzanne Enis