Maintenance Committee – Sidewalk, Spikes, and Holiday Decor

Maintenance put up the Holiday decorations and completed several 2012 projects in December. Decorations included the unique seashell wreaths on the entrance gates designed and created by our committee member, Suzanne Enis.

Installation of the new exit spikes at the Garibaldi gate completes the gate hardware restoration on the five entrance gates. Painting the beach bluff park fence completes the painting project that included the five entrance gates and the surrounding fences.

A professional sidewalk safety inspection was completed. Four concrete repairs were done in December and early next year the committee will determine where grinding may be necessary.

Residents entering the Selva Gate and turning right on Windward will appreciate the Windward speed bump being moved back fifteen feet. This allows a smoother, straight on crossing of the bump instead of the teeth jarring angle approach.

Replacement of the pressed brick at the entrance to Salvador Bay and the gates at Manta and Garibaldi completes this 2012 project. This has been an ongoing project which will be completed in 2013 with replacement of pressed brick at three Garden Home street entrances.

—Jack Christiansen