Landscape Committee – December 2012 Update

This year has been one of change and improvement for our beautiful community. A big thanks to Harvest Landscape, celebrating their first year at Niguel Shores. You see the orange and white trucks and the many gardeners working tirelessly. The hard work shows. Thanks to them all.

Tree trimming and grass scalping are completed. You can already see green grass in many of the scalped areas. The medians in the Atlantic and the Shores Garden homes are getting a refresher look with new red geraniums and variegated plants and the trimming of the Rhaphiolepis (Indian Hawthorn).

Irrigation has been and continues to be a main concern. Harvest is working to root out problem areas which will eliminate dry grass and plants dying. In case you didn’t know, the lavender sprinkler heads are for reclaimed water.

Niguel Shores is always a work in progress. We are a 40 year old community which means, in plant life, some existing shrubs and trees are OLD! We are striving to update, with minimal cost, a refreshed and current look.

Enjoy the Holiday color and Good Holidays to all.

—Joan Beyer

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