Women’s Golf – October Update

Since Columbus Day falls on our regularly scheduled play day, we will be playing golf on the third Monday of the month on October 15. If you were not at the meeting in September to sign up for golf, please call either Ceacy Johns (493-8355) or Brenda Tuckley (249-6912). They will be in charge of making up the foursomes and deciding what ‘devil-ish’ game-of-the-day will be played…Halloween is ‘lurking’ around the corner…ghosts and goblins may affect your golf. A promise…it will all be in fun.

The golfers having the most fun in September were Val Mitchel and Marge Foster. They won prizes for their golf skills. Teri Matrisch and Liz Kelsch won flower power prizes, but they will have to tell you about that. Marlene Lynch is the president of the group. She will be glad to tell you about how to become a member of our merry band of golfers….(493-6494). Pick up the phone.

Dolores Smith-Young joined our Niguel Shores Womens Golf group this summer. She was invited as a guest to a Fun Day and immediately said, ‘This is fun, you gals are fun, count me in’. She passed away suddenly last month. I know she enjoyed playing with us. —Carpe Diem—

—Ceacy Johns

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