Maintenance Commitee – September Update

Do you know your way to our Sunset Park? We know the way to our beautiful Beach Bluff Park and the Athletic/Picnic Park at the ClubHouse, but there are other less known quite, serene little pocket parks in the community .

Sunset Park is located on Niguel Shores Drive near the Cockleshell cul-de-sac. Maintenance has given it a fresh new look. The seating wall has been power washed, the stucco repaired and the wall painted. The bench wood has been replaced and painted. It is again a pleasant place to pause and enjoy a beautiful ocean view.

Other quiet picnic parks are the green belts of Sea Terrace II. Maintenance has power washed the concrete bench and picnic tables. They look fresh, new and inviting.

And how about the Observation Deck? Check it out. It is also a neat spot to pause, be quiet and know how lucky we are to live in Niguel Shores. If you can’t find it, I will tell you more about this deck next month.

In the meantime, look around. You just might find your own “private” little place for quiet and solitude.

— Jack Christiansen, Maintenance Committee

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