Landscape Committee – Fall is Coming

Fall will soon be here and tree trimming will begin in the Shores. We have all enjoyed the beautiful look of our entrances during this year. Soon they will be filled with fall colors to welcome the season. Harvest has been busy working on our forty-year-old watering system and preparing and planting our most at risk slopes. Your patience and help in locating problems is appreciated. When you see a problem such as an area going dead, or an area that seems to be getting too much water, please fill out a Homeowner Request Form and send it to the office and they will forward the information to Harvest. Our General Manager, Deborah Baker, is very involved in all that is going on with landscape. She continues to walk all the neighborhoods with Harvest and the landscape representatives of those areas. We, on the Landscape Committee, are very appreciative of her active involvement in the workings of our community and for her concern and interest.

As fall approaches be sure to adjust your automatic watering systems. Cooler weather means less water needed in your gardens.


Janet Traver, Sea Terrace II Landscape Committee Area Representative


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