Recreation Committee: Upcoming Events

Yes, this is In-N-Out Month and then, coming up, the 4th of July. Taco Night was a good family night.

In-N-Out: Mark Saturday June 16 on your calendar — 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Remember what a big crowd there will be. Buy your tickets now for $10 in the office. We will have the DJ again with music for everyone.

July 4th: See all the activities listed in this issue and join your neighbors and friends on this special celebration day that the Committee is providing for your enjoyment.

Food Truck and Sweet Truck evening: July 28—a cash only time. A new experience for the community. The DJ will again be there for your entertainment.

The Dana Point community is offering again the AARP Driver Safety Program (55 alive). Classes held July 25 and 26. Call 949 496 4252 for more details.

The Senior Program has trips planned to casinos, the Candlelight Pavilion/Claremont and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Call 949 496 4109 for details.

No replies to our request for volunteers to help with the Beach Bluff BBQ. Enjoy the time at the Bluff without the group BBQ until we have volunteers to help.

—Carol Yocom


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