Update: Watch for Safety Patrols

Living in a private gated community has many advantages we all enjoy every day! From the wonderful pool and ClubHouse to the beautiful Beach Bluff, we even have dedicated onsite management and staff plus 24-hour security. With all Niguel Shores’ great amenities come many responsibilities, such as leashing and picking up after your pets, (something that sadly is overlooked by many residents even with bags provided!)

Too often the most overlooked rule is basic Traffic Safety! Whether it is the parent late for school or someone rushing to an important appointment, speeding and running of stop signs in Niguel Shores is a chronic problem that must be addressed. That is why the Traffic and Safety Committee invited community police representative, Deputy Pelayo to our most recent meeting. Many residents may not know that Niguel Shores’ 13 minles of roads are governed by the California Vehicle Code and open to enforcement at any time by the Dana Point Sheriff’s Department.

That being said, Deputy Pelayo has agreed to step up patrols in our neighborhood. He will be concentrating on more dangerous areas, such as the main entrance, where rarely a moment goes by without someone running either of the stop signs while exiting or any of the steep grades where many drivers unknowingly reach unsafe speeds. He will also be on the lookout for illegal cell phone use, especially texting while driving.

Please be careful and follow all traffic laws, in and outside the gates. Not only will you save a hefty fine by avoiding a ticket, you may save something priceless…someone’s life!

-Geoff Dunlevie

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