Finance Committee Update

The Finance Committee is reaching out to the major committees with significant budgets to get a fiscal picture during the year versus a fiscal picture only at the end of the year during budget process.  Recently the Landscape Chairperson and a member from the Landscape staff briefed the Finance committee on the status of their budget and items that might be on their horizon. The Finance committee will be inviting Landscape and other committees to one of our monthly meetings during the year.


A major upcoming event for the Finance Committee will be to review the upcoming Reserve analysis for 2012.  As you may be aware items that are designated for Reserve funding include street repair, pool and surrounding areas, tennis courts, bluff furniture, etc.


The Finance Committee meets monthly to review status of the current month and year budget.   There will likely be upcoming openings for residents to join the committee.  If you have interest in participating to assist our community in financial matters, we encourage you to contact the office and express your interest.

– Steve Barrett, NSCA Finance Committee

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