Committee Chair Meeting

Meeting of Committee Chairs on March 28 in the Conference Room: Seated left to right: Jack Christiansen--Maintenance, Mary Crowl--Communication, Kathy Jones--View Preservation, Tim Murphy--Traffic & Safety. Standing: Barry Banducci--Finance (representing Chairperson Jeannie Sticher), Alicia Martinez—Recreation Co-Chair, Donna Rosecrans—Landscape. Absent: Jerry Koppang—Architecture, Danielle Mills-Co-Chair Recreation.

Chairpersons of all Niguel Shores Committees were invited by the Board and the General Manager to meet the evening of March 28 for a discussion of their goals and plans and their various interactions between committees. Each chairperson reported on the makeup and activities of their committees and heard those of others along with remarks by the Board Chairman, Steve Stewart.  General Manager Deborah Baker and Board Member Pat O’Brien were also in attendance.


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