Women’s Golf – February 2012

Our January tournament was a beautiful typical golf day and this one was no exception. We had a good turnout with three full foursomes. Golf Captains Lee Sweeney and Anne Greenwood created a really fun scramble which is unnamed, but consisted of every best shot of the foursome being used for all the members next shot and so on into the cup.

Winners of first place with a 35 were Irene McDonald, Gretchen Rask, Barbara Brabeck and Liz Kelsch. Next, with a 36 were Lee Sweeney, Chris Beaver, Marlene Lynch, Brenda Tuckley and closely behind with a 37 were Anne Greenway, May Gramer, Helena Keeshen and Maria Elena Banks. Closest to the pin on #6 was Lee Sweeney. Closest to # 8 was Gretchen Rask. The 36 group Birdied hole #7 and Liz Kelsch had the longest drive.

Our meeting and luncheon followed with our new President Marlene Lynch presiding. The Club again thanked Joan Beyer and Ruthie Stahl for arranging such a lovely Christmas party at the Fountains in December. Finances were discussed in detail and the Club is in good condition with $333 in the treasury. New member Helena Keeshen was welcomed into the Club. Assignments for golf Captains were discussed and dates will be announced later.

Golf Captains for the month of February are Irene McDonald at 481-3035 or Ceacy Johns at 493-8355. Please call for reservations and a good time with fun golfers.

—Chris Beaver

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