Communication – December 2011

We’re all happy to have completed another year of the Seashore News which, we tell ourselves, is the best little newsletter in the best of all possible places. Thanks to all of our faceless but highly appreciated and diligent distributors, you continue to find it on your doorstep every month. Our master distributor, Bob Converse, is retiring as of December 31 after many, many years of supervising the distribution of the Seashore News. We thank him profusely and I’m sure he will be pleased to know that it will take four people to replace him! Those four, Suzanne Enis, Marilyn Moon, Kathy Newport and Patti Staudenbaur, have graciously volunteered and will collaborate and cooperate to get the news out to our eager readers. In addition to that good news, we have during the past year, acquired two excellent new members of our committee: Kathy Newport who is the sub-editor for the committee articles and, Ellen Dovey, who is just now joining and will be working with Matt on the website. The website with its instant communication will command more of the Committee’s attention in the future so more time will of necessity be spent on it. We do hope all of you enjoy
reading the newsletter and the website and would love to hear from you with suggestions and constructive criticisms as the Committee does enjoy its work and aspires to please the readers. Best wishes for a good new year.

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