Maintenance Committee

Maintenance Committee Mission   The mission of the NSCA Maintenance Committee is to serve the Board of Directors and community as an advisor in matters related to the upkeep and care of the physical assets of the Association. At the request of the Board, the committee will work with the association staff to: Provide recommendations … [Read more...]

Partial Entrance/Exit and Street Closure – Salvador Bay, Sea Terrace II, The Villas

To All Salvador Bay, Sea Terrace II, and Villas Residents: The Board approved work to be completed at the Manta Gate and Garibaldi Gate area to replace the stamped concrete with pavers. This work requires that one side of the gate be closed for one week to allow for the work to be completed and the concrete to cure properly. The Board also … [Read more...]

Maintenance Preparation for Clubhouse Events

Fall is here. The many clubs and various interest groups are beginning a new season. Maintenance will be busy and challenged in setting up and preparing the ClubHouse to meet the needs of these organizations. In a week’s time Maintenance will setup and break down the club room eight to twelve times with cleaning and vacuuming … [Read more...]

Pool & Spa Closure – Monday, October 15, 2012 – Thursday, October 18, 2012

To All Residents: It is time for the pools semi-annual water replenishment (drain ½ of pool water and replenish with fresh).  It is also time for the annual South Coast Water District’s test of the office/community center potable water system for any cross connection with the reclaimed water system. The Pool/spa will be closed from Monday, … [Read more...]

Notice of Scheduled Street Work and Road Closures

 NOTICE OF SCHEDULED STREET WORK and ROAD CLOSURES On September 17, 2012, NSCA will begin a seal coat project throughout the community.  The following schedule outlines the dates and locations of each phase in the project.  Areas adjacent to the location of work will not be accessible on the scheduled date.  Residents adjacent to the location of … [Read more...]

Maintenance Commitee – September Update

Do you know your way to our Sunset Park? We know the way to our beautiful Beach Bluff Park and the Athletic/Picnic Park at the ClubHouse, but there are other less known quite, serene little pocket parks in the community . Sunset Park is located on Niguel Shores Drive near the Cockleshell cul-de-sac. Maintenance has given it a fresh new look. The … [Read more...]

Gate & Fence Painting

We once wrote about rust being evil. Our Maintenance guys have a different view. For them wood rot and rust represent job security. The entrance gates and fences are undergoing rust removal and painting. The Manta and Cabrillo Gates have been completed. Mariner and Garibaldi should be completed before this article is printed. The Bluff fence will … [Read more...]

Maintenance Update

The Garibaldi Gate vehicle gate operators, barrier arm and battery backup system, were scheduled for refurbishment later this year. As is often true about “the best laid plans,” events on Memorial Weekend forced a change in these plans. On Monday, May 28, a staff holiday, the gate would not open or respond to the barcode reader (this never happens … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee – June 2012

A fairly normal month in Niguel Shores for the Maintenance Department. The FOB gate at the Beach Bluff Park stopped working. The gate fails on the weekend when we don’t have staff on site to make the repairs so the Maintenance Manager comes in the morning to open the gate and again at night to lock the gate. Monday, we find the problem. The fix … [Read more...]

Maintenance – April 2012

Maintenance is planned to be proactive, but events often require a reactive response and a delay of planned projects. There have been both planned and unplanned projects this past month. Proactive includes both planned projects, and routine maintenance. Routine maintenance includes daily upkeep of pool and spa, general cleaning, trash pickup, set … [Read more...]