Communication Committee

Communication Committee Seashore News Staff   The primary purpose of the Communication Committee is to edit and circulate a monthly newsletter, the Seashore News, as a means of keeping residents well informed of community activities, both recreational and administrative, and to encourage active participation in such activities. The … [Read more...]

We Invite You to Be Part of The Conversation

The Niguel Shores Community Association website is intended to be a great source of real time information about your community. Niguel Shores Community Association is a homeowners association. Much of NSCA's work is done by volunteers who generously contribute their time and knowledge to help keep Niguel Shores the crown jewel of South Orange … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee

Maintenance Committee Mission   The mission of the NSCA Maintenance Committee is to serve the Board of Directors and community as an advisor in matters related to the upkeep and care of the physical assets of the Association. At the request of the Board, the committee will work with the association staff to: Provide recommendations … [Read more...]

Traffic and Safety Committee

Traffic and Safety Committee Mission   The mission of the Niguel Shores Traffic & Safety Committee is to serve the community and advise the Board of Directors in matters related to: ingress/egress to and from the community; the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles throughout the community; the rules governing traffic and pedestrian … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee Mission   While each member of the Landscape Committee represents and has the responsibility for his/her area as defined in the Rules and Regulations, the committee as a whole shall work toward a coordinated, consistent, and colorful community landscape. By implementing a long-term plan, the committee shall replace … [Read more...]

Sea Terrace II Townhomes Association

  Sea Terrace II Townhomes Association Mission: Sea Terrace II Townhomes Association is a Sub Association dedicated to the successful administration of the  Sea Terrace II Townhome section of our community.   Sea Terrace II Board Members:   Jeannie Sticher, President Adrienne Ruben, First Vice President Karla … [Read more...]

Recreation Committee

Recreation Committee Mission   The Recreation Committee exists to provide the NSCA homeowners and its residents with events that enhance the joys of living in Niguel Shores. It utilizes the existing facilities that the homeowners provide, and throughout the year, plans recreational activities such as BBQs at the bluffs, parties for all … [Read more...]

Architecture Committee

Architecture Committee Mission   The Architecture Committee has the responsibility to apply the Architectural Regulations and Guidelines as set out in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern all properties in the Niguel Shores Community Association. The committee is charged with approval or disapproval of … [Read more...]

View Preservation Committee

View Preservation Committee   The View Preservation Committee is a division of the Architecture Committee.  The View Preservation Committee  has authority to require any homeowner to remove, trim, top or prune any tree, shrub or hedge on his/her property which it believes unreasonably impedes the view from any … [Read more...]

The Garden Club – November 2011

      The Garden Club Takes a Field Trip: In lieu of the usual monthly meeting, Garden Club members convoyed to Long Beach to tour the gardens and house at Rancho Los Alamitos in Bixby Hills. Native Americans inhabited the land as far back as the 1500’s. The rancho, which stretched from Whittier to Costa Mesa, was originally given … [Read more...]