For Realtors® & Buyers

This page was created specifically for Realtors® and potential buyers of Niguel Shores properties. Below are links to the Rules & Regulations as well as other useful information when dealing with property located in Niguel Shores.


How do I gain access to Niguel Shores?
To gain access into the main portion of Niguel Shores you will need to enter via the Mariner
Gate located at the intersection of Mariner Drive and Niguel Road.

This gate is manned on a twenty-four hour basis. You will be requested to present the Gate
Officer with your business card, valid photo identification (e.g. drivers license), and the location
of the listed property. Once your information is verified, you will be issued a two hour entry
pass for the community.

To gain access into the section of Niguel Shores that contains our Sea Terrace II Townhome and
Villas properties you will need to enter either the Garibaldi Gate (located on Selva Road) or the
Manta Gate (located at the intersection of Shanny Road and La Cresta Road, off of Selva Road).
Neither of these gates is manned. Access is gained through a call box located outside of the gate.
In order to enter through the gate you will need to call the seller from the call box so they act
remotely open the gate through their home phone.

How do my client(s) gain access to Niguel Shores?
Your client(s) must be traveling with you in order to gain access into Niguel Shores. Agents do
not have the authority to facilitate the entry of other vehicles, aside from their own, into the
community so it is best if your client(s) is driven in by you.

Can I host an open house at the listing property?
Niguel Shores is a private community that does not allow open houses. You may escort your
client(s) into the community on an individual basis to view the listed property.

When is broker preview day?

Broker previews or caravans are allowed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings between the
hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm as per Rule 6605.4 Realtor® Entry of the Association’s Rules &

How many Associations are there within Niguel Shores?
There are three (3) Associations within Niguel Shores: the Master Association (Niguel Shores
Community Association) and two Sub-Associations (Sea Terrace Townehome I Association and
Sea Terrace Townehome II Association). All areas within Niguel Shores are under the Master
Association. Tracts 6881, 6884 and 7515 are also within the Sea Terrace Townehome I
Association. Tract 8602 is also within the Sea Terrace Townehome II Association. Each Sub-
Association has its own elected Board of Directors, which operates separately from the Master
Association Board of directors.

Who is the Management Company for Niguel Shores?

Niguel Shores is a self-managed community. The NSCA Management Office is located on-site
in the Community Center. Hours of operation for the Management Office are Monday through
Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Does Niguel Shores have security guards or private security?
Neither. Niguel Shores has a contracted staff of Gate and Patrol Officers. The Gate Officers
manage access into the community through the Mariner Gate. The Patrol Officers enforce
parking rules and regulations. Residents of Niguel Shores are responsible for contacting the
local police or emergency authority if they are in need of assistance outside of the Association’s
prevue or legal boundaries.

What amenities does the community have?
Niguel Shores is a beachside community with a private bluff-top park overlooking the beach,
private access to the public beach walkway, and private vehicle and pedestrian access in and out
of the community. There is a newly renovated multi-million dollar Community Center with
professional grade tennis courts, a Jr. Olympic sized pool, therapeutic hot tub, private
men’s /women’s locker room and saunas, large open parkway with playground and picnic area,
outdoor patio area with fireplace, inside lobby with flat screen television, and a main clubhouse
room with full commercial grade kitchen. All of this with low quarterly assessments and an
onsite management team.

What is the process for obtaining the master set of legal documents from the Association?
The master set of legal documents include: the CC&R’s and all subsequent amendments or
supplements, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, current operating budget, and current audit
report. The buyer may obtain these documents through the written request of an Escrow Officer
prior to the close of escrow. The cost of the document package is $150.00 (additionally includes
twelve months of Master Board of Directors General Session Minutes). All questions regarding
these documents or statements of accounts should be directed to the Escrow Officer handling the

What are the current Association dues?
The approved 2012 budget for the Master Association lists the dues as $830.00 per quarter. Sub-
Associations have their own assessments that are billed by and collected by the Sub-Association
Board Treasurer.

Where can I find the Association’s Rules & Regulations?
The Rules & Regulations are available on the Association’s website
They can be located under the Forms & Documents heading.

What boundaries are there for architectural improvements to the listed property? / What
architectural modifications can my client(s) make to the listed property?

The Architectural Committee is responsible for reviewing all exterior modifications to home
sites. This would include, but is not limited to, projects such as patio replacement, replacement
of windows and doors, re-roofing, painting, installation of air conditioning units, installation of
pools/spas, replacement of driveway, remodels, etc. The 3100 series of the Association’s Rules
& Regulations governs the boundaries of exterior modifications within Niguel Shores and is the
basis for the decisions made by the Architectural Committee. The complete subset of these rules
can be found on the Association’s website and located under the heading Forms & Documents.

Are the seller’s approved architectural plans transferable to the buyer?
Although the Architectural Committee is considering an amendment to the existing rule,
approved architectural plans are currently non-transferable and the existing approval is
considered void once the property changes ownership. However, the Association does have in
place a method in which a buyer may obtain their own approval for a previously approved set of
architectural plans. The buyer would simply need to submit an exterior modification form and a
set of the previously approved to the Architectural Committee for consideration of the desired