Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee Mission


While each member of the Landscape Committee represents and has the responsibility for his/her area as defined in the Rules and Regulations, the committee as a whole shall work toward a coordinated, consistent, and colorful community landscape. By implementing a long-term plan, the committee shall replace problem and high maintenance plant material with shrubs, trees, and flowers that are non-invasive, that do no unreasonably impede views, and that minimize maintenance costs.

The committee observes the performance of the landscape contractor and participates in the development of other contracted work. Committee members investigate homeowner requests, complaints and suggestions, and report their findings and recommendations to the committee.



  • Donna Rosecrans, Chair (Rotating as needed)
  • Suzanne Enis, Board Liaison
  • Sue Forrest, At Large
  • Kathy Jones
  • Linda Koppang
  • Karen Linger, At Large
  • Kathy Samuel
  • Bill Walkup, At Large


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