Website – Send in Your Photos!

Photos: Summer is just around the corner and the Recreation Committee has some wonderful events planned for all of us. Not the least of which is the sparkling July 4 celebration! We know many of you will take pictures of these good times. The NSCA photo gallery needs updating. Please consider sharing your photos on the Website by forwarding copies to Matt Northrop at

Still Calling Teens: The Seashore News continues to invite all NSCA teens to write an article for this community newsletter. Just in case you need some extra motivation, we are offering prizes! gift certificates! movies passes! for any article published in the Seashore News. We sure hope that helps to get your creative juices flowing. We really do want to hear from you; for more information, please refer to page 7 of the May, 2013 issue of the Newsletter (you can access on line) or contact Community Administrator, Matt Northrop in the office, or forward your article, along with any photos to Matt at Please don’t let those prizes just sit there…we know you have something to say and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Blogroll: The City of Dana Point has some special events planned all through the summer. For easy access to all the information with dates and times, please refer to the Blogroll on the home page of the NSCA Website at .

As always, we welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Happy Summer to all!

—Matt Northrop, Patti Staudenbaur and Ellen Dovey