Page Turners – Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Page Turners Book Club will meet this month to discuss Turn of the Screw, by Henry James, a novella published serially in Collier’s Weekly in 1898 and published in book form later that year. One of the world’s most famous ghost stories, the tale is told mostly through the journal of a governess and depicts her struggle to save her two young charges from the demonic influence of the eerie apparitions of two former servants in the household.

This selection is the one classic book that we have chosen for the year. Some may remember reading it in school. Often it is fun to reread these books and gain a new perspective on them.

The Monday groups will meet on May 20, due to the Memorial holiday. The morning group will be meeting at 10:00 at Karla Sanders’ home at 33902 Manta Court. The Monday afternoon group will meet at 12:30 in the home of Ginny Nevitt at 23862 Marmara Bay. The Thursday afternoon group will meet at the ClubHouse at 1:00 on May 30.

At our May meetings each group will decide the books they want to submit for next year’s list. At the June meeting the three groups will get together at the ClubHouse to vote on the choices for the coming year. All members are encouraged to write a short synopsis of the books they would like to be considered and submit that list to their group leader.

Since we can only have eight nominations per group, it is fun to try to come up with a list of books that are enjoyable to read, but also lend themselves to a challenging discussion.

For more information about Page Turners contact: Gretchen Rask:, 489-2259—Monday morning. Diane Hearne:, 661-6267—Monday afternoon. Lisa Buchner:, 496-9546— Thursday afternoon.

—Lisa Buchner