Turf Reduction Schedule – March 2013

The Turf Reduction Project, to help save money and water for our community, is underway. Area 3 is the first area to be addressed. This area is located behind the homes on Windjammer and off of the Bay areas – Tasman, Amundsen, Danzig, Taranto and Kara. To find the specific locations included in this project, please area maps, Area 3-1. This notice is to provide a schedule for the work involved: The turf designated to be removed has been sprayed. This week Harvest will scalp this turf. Electrical wires, etc. will be marked with paint in preparation for turf removal. Week of March 4th – Turf areas will be removed. In addition, the Oleander Trees and Ficus trees will be removed. **Magnolia and Melaleuca trees will remain. Week of March 4th – In conjunction with this project, the slope behind Windjammer Homes will be hard trimmed to approximately 12 inches in height. Asparagus fern and other invasive plants will be killed and removed. The majority of this slope is planted in Cape Honeysuckle (green plant with orange flowers) and this plant will be used to fill any bare areas. By trimming at this time of year, the slope should be in beautiful condition by end of spring. Week of March 11th – Turf areas will be rototilled and soil prepared for replanting. Week of March 18th – Area 3 to be planted.