Notice of Scheduled Street Work and Road Closures


On September 17, 2012, NSCA will begin a seal coat project throughout the community.  The following schedule outlines the dates and locations of each phase in the project.  Areas adjacent to the location of work will not be accessible on the scheduled date.  Residents adjacent to the location of work are encouraged to relocate their vehicle(s) the night prior to the scheduled date of repair and should not anticipate regaining access to the affected area until after 5:00 pm on the scheduled date of repair.



Phase 1 – Monday, September 17                  Breakers Isle

Cabrillo Isle (between Breakers Isle and Niguel Shores Drive)

Phase 2 – Tuesday, September 18                  Cabrillo Isle Gate

Cabrillo Isle down to Seaward Isle

Seaward Isle

Moonsail Drive

Crossjack Drive

Phase 3 – Friday, September 21             Cabrillo Isle

Niguel Shores Drive (between Atlantic and the bridge)

Phase 4 – Monday, September 24                  Atlantic Avenue

Timor Bay

Colima Bay

Bluehill Bay

Flying Jib Drive

Niguel Shores Drive (from Capstan Drive to the Stonehill Gate)

Phase 5 – Tuesday, September 25                  Shackleton Isle

Niguel Shores Drive (between Mercator Isle and Nauticus Isle)

Gourami Bay

Phase 6 – Friday, September 28                    Mariner Drive/ Mariner Gate *

Niguel Shores Drive (Between Atlantic and Capstan Drive)

Phase 7 – Monday, October 1                        Magellan Isle

Niguel Shores Drive (between the bridge and Mercator Isle)

Click here to review a map with color coded details of the project.  Project updates will be posted as available.

* Prior to September 25, details regarding guest and service provider entry for the time the Mariner Gate is closed will be posted on the website and in the Community Center, as well as communicated via email.