Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee Mission   While each member of the Landscape Committee represents and has the responsibility for his/her area as defined in the Rules and Regulations, the committee as a whole shall work toward a coordinated, consistent, and colorful community landscape. By implementing a long-term plan, the committee shall replace … [Read more...]

Turf Reduction Area Maps

Map of Area 1-1 - Turf Reduction Map of Area 2-1 - Turf Reduction Map of Area 3-1 - Turf Reduction Map of Area 6-1 - Turf Reduction Map of Area 7-1 - Turf Reduction  Map of Area 9 - Turf Reduction ***Please Note:  There have been changes made in response to homeowner comments and new maps have been updated as of 3-4-13*** … [Read more...]

Turf Reduction – Landscape Project

TURF REDUCTION LANDSCAPE PROJECT: On Tuesday February 12th at 6:30 p.m., Harvest Landscape and South Coast Water District (SCWD) made a presentation to residents in the Clubhouse explaining why the turf reduction project was introduced, how it will benefit the community and explained the general plans for the areas marked on the maps.  By … [Read more...]

Landscape Update – Provided by Steve Schinhofen, President of Harvest Landscape

The Niguel Shores Board of Directors early last year hired Harvest to review the condition of the landscaped areas, including the irrigation system, overall plant health and variety and to identify opportunities for water and maintenance savings for the community. The Board wanted to find ways to save money, save water and to enhance the health … [Read more...]

Landscape Maintenance – Selva Road

Landscape Maintenance – Selva Road Over this last week we have heard comments and concerns regarding the landscape and the management of the Landscape Maintenance Contract.  Several homeowners have been very harsh in their criticism of the Landscape Committee and stated that these volunteers do not know what they are doing and the members need … [Read more...]

Landscape Projects – October 8, 2012 Status Update

Fall is here and now is the time to scalp the warm season turf and over seed with a cool season turf blend.  October is a key transitional month in the turf lifecycle. It is the month when the warm season grasses begin to go dormant, which causes lawns to look dead and brown. Of course the lawns are not dead, but in order to keep the lawns looking … [Read more...]

Landscape Renovation a Smart Solution for the Future

A history of system neglect and overwatering has taken its toll on Niguel Shores’ landscaping and the community association’s budget as well. Things may have looked lush and green, but overgrowth and years of poor irrigation management and repairs had us spending much more than we had to on landscaping. Late last year, the Association hired … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee Update

All the Niguel Shores neighborhoods and common areas have been visited by Management, Harvest Landscape and the area representative. Again, the Committee would like to thank Deborah Baker, George Cooley and Harvest’s Nate Bonghanoy and Nacho Chavez for this valuable time together. Harvest has been at Niguel Shores for six months. Most of the … [Read more...]

Master Landscape Program Update

The NSCA Board of Directors held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the direction to take for our Master Landscape program in 2012. With $350,000 budgeted for such projects this year, we are now leaning toward renovation of the Sunset park area along Niguel Shores drive, adjacent to Dosinia and Cockleshell and partial renovation of the Nauticus … [Read more...]

Harvest Landscape on First Day of Work

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