Our Purpose:


Niguel Shores Community Association is a homeowners’ association. Much of the NSCA’s work is done by volunteers who generously contribute their time and knowledge to help keep Niguel Shores the crown jewel of south Orange County, in the City of Dana Point.

All property within Niguel Shores is privately owned either by individual homeowners or by the NSCA. Common area property includes streets, sidewalks, parking areas, greenbelts, the swimming area, tennis courts and community center buildings. Slope areas are owned by either the Association or private homeowners, but in some cases are eased to the Association for landscaping purposes and control.

Our Mission:


  • Maintain and further develop the Niguel Shores community as a desirable and enjoyable residence for individuals and families of all ages.
  •  Provide reasonable amenities at reasonable dues with fiscal responsibility for the present and future.
  •  Create a safe environment through adherence to our by-laws, CC&R’s and rules and regulations that will provide a quality community for our residents.
  •  Foster open communication among residents, staff, committees, and the Board.

We welcome the thoughts, ideas and participation by all members of this association.


 Our Staff:


Staff Directory: 

Marla Miller, General Manager
Karen Decker, Community Association Manager
Ivy Hsia, Controller
George Cooley, Facilities Manager
Matt Northrop, Community Administrator
Blayke Miller, Customer Operation Specialist 
Dave Smith, Maintenance Lead  
Tom Shimkus, Maintenance Staff  
Ray Russomano, Maintenance Staff  
Chris Hawkins, Maintenance Staff  



Staff Directory:  Archive of Past Seashore News Directories

(Post 2009 – for older Directories please view Past Issues):      Archive of Directories